The Over 40s Mature Singles, Business & Career Professionals Group

The Over 40s Mature Singles, Business & Career Professionals group The group is a gathering of mature single people who are either working in business or in professional careers and are between the ages of 40 and 59. Members of this group have either never been married, or are divorced or widowed. They are individuals who either successfully run their own businesses OR want to start their own businesses OR who work in full-time careers where they are between mid-to- executive-level management.

People who seek membership of this group might also be out of or between jobs either because they have voluntarily resigned, or because they have been compulsorily disengaged from their previous workplaces. Additionally, they may be individuals who have retired from full-time work, and are pondering what next to do. They may also be people who are starting life all over again after suffering significant business failure following a period of success.

Individuals who join this group are interested in:
I) overcoming loneliness by building meaningful relationships with other people in a similar age bracket and from an equivalent background.
II) learning to date again and to find life partners even at a mature age
III) finding support to help them to better overcome the common challenges people in this age bracket often face. Some of such issues may be career peaking and stagnation, boredom and monotony, loss of motivation and purpose, cynicism about dating, the lack of a vibrant social lifestyle etc.
IV) linking to executive recruiters who can connect them to senior or c-level jobs
V) gaining an understanding about how to transit to business or about how to start an enterprise after working in a professional career for at least 15 years. VI) connecting with investors who are interested in provide seed capital or other types of funding to early stage mature entrepreneurship VII) building their profiles as thought leaders in their given professions VIII) learning to pivot to new careers or entrepreneurship after being on a single career track for at least 15 years. IX) Understanding how to overcome business or career failure


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Our Weekly Activities


  • Part 1: Introduction

    a) the highs and lows of the over 40 mature single

    b) life can actually begin again when your over 40

    Part 2: Mature Single Dating 

    c) How to find meaningful relationships when you are over 40

    d) The A-Z of over 40s Christian dating 

    e) What's sex got to do with it? 

    f) Can I date someone younger than me and if so what are some of the benefits and challenges?

Curriculum contd..

  • Part 3: Over 40s career clinic

    g) What do I do when my career seems to have hit a logjam?

    h) how can I make a late stage pivot from one career to another?

    I) how can I build enduring connections with executive recruiters?

    j) how can I brand myself as a thought leader in my profession and attract recruiters, conference organizers etc.

Curriculum contd.....

  • Part 4: Over 40s enterprise school

    k) Transiting from being a mature career professional to being a successful business woman

    l) Starting a business in your 40s or 50s

    m) How to raise investments

    n) How to pitch to investors 

    o) Managing a business in your 40s or 50s.