Media Group

The Media Group is part of the Entrepreneurs, Tech & Creatives Stream of the TCN Covenant Community Groups. We are called the growers, because our work is crucial to the growth of most, if not all, businesses. We ply our trade as freelancers, agencies or work directly on the client side. Our job is to lead people to action through our creative design, copywriting, campaign management and digital skills. Did you know, more than 20% of adult professionals globally are involved with Sales and Marketing – this is 10X – 100X times bigger than the number of project managers, Scrum Masters or other similar market segments (VMEdu Research, LinkedIn, Monster). Every company globally requires sales and marketing. Did you also know that 75% of MBA colleges students globally learn Sales and Marketing subjects in their course curriculum. Using a combination of knowledge sharing sessions, events, mentoring and conversations, we provide a platform to connect, engage and thrive. We look forward to welcoming you to the Media Group.


The Governor - Taiwo Oyewole

Taiwo is an innovator with over 20 years of experience in both marketing and technology. His marketing experience spans creative design, brand management, PR, media, advertising, agency management, digital, events and experiential marketing. Within the tech world, Taiwo has navigated the waters of software development, computer hardware, system administration, IT support and project assurance.

He is a graduate of Psychology from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife, Osun state and is currently Managing Partner at True Identity Company, a Media, Marketing and Technology firm. Just before, going back to the company he founded over a decade ago, Taiwo was Park Director at The Zone Technology Park, where he led one of the largest and fastest growing innovation clusters in Africa. Taiwo has been fortunate to work with some of Africa’s leading organisations across various industries including, Advertising, Technology Consulting, Banking and Asset Management.

Taiwo loves working with small businesses, in developing strategy, marketing and technology and in 2017, became a mentor on the Google Launchpad Start programme for Nigeria. The Digital Evangelist, as he fondly calls himself, is a regular guest on radio and TV where he talks about technology. He was also the host of the business show on Classic FM 97.3, Business Half Hour, where he interviews business owners and managers. He now hosts Blue Talks (podcasts and webinars) a property he co-developed with StanbicIBTC. Taiwo is a member of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) and an alumnus of Squared Online. He has also acquired training and certificates in ITIL v3, Google Analytics, Managing Digital Projects from the BBC, LAMP (Linux Apache MySql and PHP) among others. Taiwo is an avid lover of technology, automotive and aviation engineering. He is married with children.

Our Weekly Activities

Week 1 & 2

    1. Introductions
      Group leads and members

      Semester Overview
      What to expect this semester

      Goal Setting
      Clarifying personal goals and expectations

      1st Event
      Zoom Chat with Speaker 1

      Fireside Chat commence
      Individual Fireside chats Friday evenings (7PM for 3 people with 15mins each)

      Pairing and book shared
      Name of book and schedule shared. Combined reading with selected moderators

      Group Task is shared
      We made it to the other side

      Case Study Discussion
      How has COVID19 contributed positively to Digital and media industries?

    Week 3, 4 & 5

      1. Status Update
        On group tasks

        Social media related issues and any ideas?
        Open conversation on Sunday evenings

        Fireside Chat
        Friday evening with 3 members, 10 mins each

        Knowledge sharing Session
        Oluseun + moderator will be a member of the group

        Book review 1
        Leke Alder's Parable of the box

        New social media tip anyone?
        Sunday evenings

        Mid Semester Review

        Book review 2
        Sunday evening

        Knowledge sharing Session
        Promise + moderator will be a member of the group

      Week 6-10

        1. Status update on group task

          Fireside Chat
          Individual Fireside chats Friday evenings (7PM for 3 people with 15mins each)

          Group Discussion
          Recommended Social media blogs/podcasts to catch up on

          Knowledge Sharing Session
          Trending practice in Media and why

          Fireside Chat commence
          Individual Fireside chats Friday evenings (7PM for 3 people with 15mins each)

          Book review 3
          Sunday evening

          3rd Event
          Zoom Chat with Speaker 3

          Group Task ends
          Submission and review

          Business Beauty Pageant
          Business and Talent Show

          Semester Ends
          Final Feedback and roundup

        Intended Audience

          1. You are a freelancer or marketing executive who has less than 2 years’ experience and you desire to grow your career or business in advertising, pr, media, digital or as an influencer

            You are thinking of starting a creative agency, but you are not quite sure it is the right time or if you should just remain a freelancer.

            You are looking for a platform where ideas can be exchanged

            You are thinking of making a career change to marketing, but you are not sure which area of marketing you want to settle for.