Senior Citizens

The Senior Citizens Community Group is targeted at both seniors who are planning retirement in a few years and seniors who are retired from the active workforce. It aims to prepare, equip, and provide a solid blueprint for a life in retirement, which keeps both the physical and spiritual body functioning well together. It provides useful advice, tips and insights on matters affecting a diverse array of subjects, which includes but is not limited to productivity, diets and healthy living, health insurance, retirement benefits, financial advisory/Investments, and trusts/wills.

These subjects are delivered by seasoned industry experts who can relate well with the seniors and learn from their wealth of experience. At the end of the session, seniors are totally prepared to encounter and excel in the third and later stages of their lives without fear of the unknown. Besides this, it also creates a strong bond and network of individuals who share similar circumstances and can learn and impact one another.


The Governor - Kayode Akinbinu

Kayode Akinbinu is a fellow chartered accountant (FCA) and also has an MBA with University of Bradford with over 16 years of experience in accounting, external audits of big and small firms, internal controls over financial reporting, business strategy, financial planning and financial management with solid industry experience.

He started his career with a Big Four accounting firm (PwC) where he had both local and international experience (South Africa) auditing and providing business advice to companies in the oil and gas, manufacturing & services and more recently the banks & financial services sector. He left PwC as a senior manager and in 2017 joined Zenith Bank Plc as its Head of Strategy where he has also recorded success in the continued growth of the Bank especially in cost management, income optimization and retail banking transformation.

Kayode loves sports, follows football and tennis avidly. He also plays tennis and cycles. He is married to Omobolanle and has 3 daughters.

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