Grief and Loss Assistance & Recovery Community (GLARC)

The Grief and Loss Assistance and Recovery Group (GLARC) was set up primarily for individuals who have experienced loss (death of a loved one) and desire assistance to regain stability, perspective and balance. The Community Group helps members move beyond the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness to a life of new possibilities.


The Governor - Bobby Okoinyan

Bobby Okoinyan is fascinated to know and understand the core of things. He works as a brands and marketing Communications consultant. Bobby believes that "whatsoever you appreciate appreciates." He is currently blessed with three beautiful and amazing children, wonderful friends and a delightful extended biological and spiritual family.

Our Weekly Activities

Week 1 - 2

  • Week 1
    • Members Introduction
      Sharing of vision and Mission statements communication of set rules
      Breaking the Ice: members share the stories of their loss.
      Inagural Zoom meeting
      GLARC Framework presentation
    Week 2
    • Daily confessions of the word (Psalm)
      Gratitude journal: Daily keeping and sharing from each member's gratitude journal
      Sharing the word/comfort ministration
      Communal intercessory prayer session
      Books to be read

Week 3

  • Group Discussion: Gratitude Journal,
    Confession of the word,
    Sharing the word,
    Book 1 Reading & Review,
    Communal intercessory prayer session

Week 4-6

  • Week 4
    • Guest Speaker Session by Grief Recovery Expert: One on One- an interactive session (from grief to gratitude)
      Communal intercessory prayer session
    Week 5
    • Confession of the word (Psalm)
      Vision Board
      Communal intercessory prayer session
      Book review
    Week 6
    • Word sharing
      Gratitude Journal
      Book 2 reading & review
      Communal intercessory prayer session

Week 7-8

  • Week 7
    • Gratitude Journal
      Word Sharing and Confession
      Go-giver challenge
      Communal intercessory prayer session
    Week 8
    • Final Online meeting: Testimony sharing,
      Communal intercessory prayer session