Women In Business

The women in Business group is a community of women at various stages and experiences of running/owning businesses; ranging from Sole Proprietors to Limited Liability companies. The years of experience span from < 3 years to more than 15 years in business. Over the last semesters, the community group has served as a mentoring ground with avenues to learn about Building lasting structures and Corporate Governance, Financial management, The art of Selling; amongst other topics. The most benefits derived are the relationships and networks built, the referrals and leads received from fellow group members and lastly, a safe space for vulnerability, learning and growth.


The Governor - Nkebet Mesele

Nkebet Mesele is the Senior Director, Solutions Management for sub-Saharan Africa at Visa Inc. She is a creator, a problem solver and a thinker with over 17 years experience that spans working in education, regional telecommunication and financial services.

At Visa, she leads Push payments across the sub-Saharan Africa region and also oversees the Solutions Management organization in West Africa & Central Africa. Asides her work at Visa, she co-owns a school at Kaduna and also runs an ministry in Jakande Lekki with over 40 children and teenagers who are reformed through Dance, spoken word, music and drama; whilst also being equipped with life and vocational skills In her spare time, she loves to read and cook with her family.

Our Weekly Activities

Weekly Activities

    1. Week 1
      Inauguration /Intros/Chatham House Rule

      Week 2
      Financial Management/Corporate Governance

      Week 3
      Human Resources Management

      Week 4
      The act of Selling,Marketing and Digitising your business/operating in a digital economy.

    Weekly Activities contd.

      1. Week 5
        Legal aspect of business

        Week 6
        Balance: The 360 woman

        Week 7
        Strategy, Business Innovation and Continuity

        Week 8
        Business Structuring for Growth and Sustainability

        Week 9
        Graduation Ceremony!!!


        1. Sell Yourself Day/Market Day; Call a friend Friday, Team bonding activities; Video reviews; Social Media reviews, Book or article Review.

          Bonus Output:
          Compilation of Yellow Pages- a business catalogue for all participants.

        Previous Speakers

          1. - Ndifreke Nkose;
            Group Head, strategy and professional services, Interswitch.

            - Stephanie Obi;
            Founder, TrainQuaters.

            - Eyitayo Ogunyemi;
            Business Advisory expert and Partner at Law Accent.

            - Ani Charles Bassey Eyo;
            Founder, Lani group and Axiom Learning Solutions.

          Previous Speakers contd.

            1. - Yemisi Alabi;
              Digital Account Manager and Social Media Manager at Differently Consult.

              - Emmanuel Agah;
              CEO, Innovectives group

              - Kemi Okunsanya;
              Vice President, Visa Inc.

              - Ogbo Awoke Ogbo;
              CEO, Transformation Hacks

              - Amaka Akinteye;
              Senior Managing Partner, KingLivingstone Consulting.

            Previous Speakers contd..

              1. - Karika Yoreme;
                Vice President, Social Impacts Program, Softcom Limited.

                - Omowale David Ashiru;
                Vice-President, Global Operations, Andela.

                - Nkebet Mesele;
                Senior Director, Solutions Management, Visa Inc.

                - Julian Etuokwu-Oludumila;
                Creative and Brand Quality Assurance, First Bank Plc