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The Health and Fitness Community group aims to help everyone to be wise stewards of the temples they live in. If you desire to optimize your body, improve your health, heal, lose weight, find out what God says about your body, reduce stress levels and nurture it with life-giving foods, welcome to a group that will keep you accountable. At the end of the session, you will be left with an appreciation of how wonderful and fearfully you have been made and be armed with tools and habits to live a long and healthy life, physically, mentally and emotionally. A big bonus is a community of friends for life. The various groups within the Health & fitness community focus on weight loss, exercise and health and healthy living.


The Governor - Oluwatoyin Arowolo

Oluwatoyin is an ICT professional and started out her career programming. The long hours at a desk took their toll and at age 31 she suffered a mild stroke which left her with a greater awareness of how she uses her body and an interest and enthusiasm for healthy living and God's promises for a long healthy life.

An entrepreneur and 9-5er in Lagos, she is enthusiastic about helping people reduce their stress levels and increase their awareness of how they use their bodies. She believes healthy living is a lifestyle and not a fad, a journey and not a destination. An ICT Manager with African Reinsurance Corporation, she has over 15 years work experience in software development, systems analysis, database design, application testing, conversion, installation and support. She has a Bachelor of Science with Mathematics from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Operational Research at the University of Strathclyde and an MBA from ALUSB, Kigali.

She has spearheaded the development and delivery of various complex systems and applications within the insurance domain. She loves reading biographies, is interested in data and recognizing the value it brings to businesses. She loves gardening and swimming and finds both therapeutic. Toyin is one of a set of twins (Taiwo) and though her twin is a critical care physician, she cannot stand the sight of blood. She is married to Ibukunoluwa and they are blessed with two daughters.

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