New Skills

The world is constantly evolving, and it is important that we evolve alongside so we are not left behind. This group is for individuals who are looking to evolve and gain new skills in their chosen profession. The new skills cover data analysis, programming, technical writing, new languages and fashion. Learning is done through peer to peer mentoring sessions, knowledge sharing, networking and sessions facilitated by industry experts and in house experienced professionals. So do you want to evolve and remain relevant in an ever changing world? Join us now


The Governor - Ayodeji Faniyan

Ayodeji Faniyan is the Chief Data Analyst at Future of Work Africa - A Data Analytics, Consulting and Training Firm. He has over 7 years experience of converting raw data into insights, he has helped businesses and decision makers take vital steps that improved their businesses.

He is a recipient of many awards one of which is YTech 100 for his industry data analysis reports. As a facilitator and trainer, Deji has trained over 1000 personnel across various industries including finance, media and civil services in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. He fondly called dejifan by his friends and family.

Our Weekly Activities


  • Semester overview and goal setting Knowledge sharing Sessions (Handled by Inhouse Resource) Skill -specific sessions (Guest speakers) Book Reviews (Online Discussions) Group Tasks Semester Hangouts

Tech and Data

  • Mentorship Session with Gbenga Agoro CTO Crenet Technology Monday French Classes Fireside Chats around Digital Marketing Trends Scaling your Fashion business online