Emerging Entrepreneurs

This community group is for Employed professionals who currently run a side business and those who plan to transition from paid employment to become full-time entrepreneurs. Our objective is to develop ourselves to become better equipped to start, effectively manage and scale up our own businesses to become successful, sustainable and profitable. We achieve this through peer to peer engagement, mentoring, networking, knowledge transfer and facilitation sessions from experienced experts in key fields and those who have successfully walked the path from a 9to5 to running their own successful Businesses. If you desire to make your own mark and impact in the world as an Enterpreneur, then this is the group for you. We look forward to having you join our community.


The Governor - Ernest Eso

Ernest Eso is a Governor in the CCG, he coordinates several Leaders within the CCG structure. Ernest is a Senior Business Development and Sales professional with experience in IT, Telecoms, Consulting, Logistics and Financial services sectors. He has worked with and consulted for some organizations such as AIRTEL, MTN, Nigerian Breweries and Wapic Insurance in various capacities.

As an entrepreneur, he founded Megabite Foods in 2012, a business poised to be a household name in Wholesome and healthy foods, our Flagship product is Megabite Shawarma which operates from multiple locations in Lagos.

Ernest is involved in several business initiatives and aspires to set up a multi-line business consulting company. Ernest is happily married and blessed with 2 children.


The Governor 2 - Victor Anyanwu

Victor Anyanwu, fondly called The Social Media Oracle is an award winning Business and Healthcare Social Media Strategist. A Social Media thought Leader and Speaker, Online Reputation Brand Manager and Influencer and Facebook Ads Expert with over 9 years working experience in the Social Media Marketing space across different sectors.

He is the founder of The SWAT Republic, Created The SWAT score, heads the team at The SWAT Agency where they help people attract prospects and convert them to paying customers.

He can be reached on and

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    1. Ayoola Jolayemi PMP
    2. Victor Anyanwu
    3. Oluwatoyin Olatunji-Daniel