Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I join a community?

You can join via the link on the church website. Please go to The Covenant Nation and click on Information Desk.

What are the selection criteria?

Members are selected to join the communities purely on merit. You have to meet the community’s requirements to be selected. Applicants will be given questionnaires which will include certain general and specific questions. Based on the answers provided by applicants, selection will be made. However, it should be noted that selection is done in line with the description of each applicant as expressed by the answers they provide. The aim of this is to ensure that each applicant is selected into groups in which they fit into so we can have homogeneous groups. There is no discrimination of any sort.

How do the communities Operate?

The communities will be run in semesters. A semester is 10 weeks long. After each semester, members will have a chance to join other communities based on their interests.

Can I join more than one community at once?

You can only join one community per semester.

When and where will the sessions hold? How often do groups meet?

Groups are free to determine venue for sessions and activities.

What happens to the Community Groups after the 10 weeks?

After the 10 weeks, a new semester starts and groups are open again to accept new registrants. However, some groups can continue operating with their current membership and activities if they already have ongoing projects.

Isn't the community group another extension of cells?

No, community groups are not cells. While they are similar, community groups serve as a Platform for sharing information and developing friendly relations. The cell structure however is designed to be a source of spiritual support essentially through praying for one another.