The Covenant Community Groups

An initiative set up by The Covenant Nation to promote peer mentoring, relationships and networking


mutual respect for and to the contributions of all participants at all levels


consciously strive to understand and feel the experiences of others


willingness to bare it all, being amongst your trusted 'company' or family


creativity and originality in provision of leadership for CGs


Welcome Message From The CCG Board

For the love of Christmas

Dear Friends,

It has been an eventful year where the world was physically distant. This year we had to live without the love and warmth from hugs, visits and play.

We made use of the "lock down" opportunity to acquire numerous certificates, we attended career talks and self-improvement webinars. However, we will not end the year that boring, we will now catch up on Love, Life and Liesure by networking at theCCG Christmas edition

Between November 1st and Dec 25th, we will be having the final session of the Covenant Community Groups for the year 2020. It is a special one; the Christmas 🎄 Edition because it is a season of love, joy, and friendship. We will make the best of it by connecting to new friends and sharing love.

The session will be non-intensive and informal so that we can all let down our hairs and enjoy ourselves, whilst growing our networks.

New business partnerships will be born, new jobs will be created, new marriages will form, new political alliances will emerge and new money will be made from the various interactions across the 54 themes.

This Christmas, there will be no dull moments. Groups will have deep conversations, pockets of lunches and dinners, book reading sessions, fitness exercises and prayer for the new year. Each group will close with an exciting Christmas themed event with beautiful Photo splashes.

Something exciting is happening in this nation, join us as we take time to loosen up, make new friends whilst building our network for the new year!

Warm regards,
Obinna Ukachukwu for the CCG Board



The Family, Health & Lifestyle Community is for individuals (male and female) who live with and are raising a child or children, women who work from home (including stay at home mums). those who have a focus on lifestyle changes to improve their general physical wellbeing and many more.

  • New Skills
  • First Time Parents
  • Covenant Parents
  • Single Parents
  • and more.....
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The Corporate Professionals Community is for the employed professionals who currently run a side business, individuals who work, own businesses, provide services, finance professionals across of all experience levels, lawyers, judges and all other members of the legal profession and many more.

  • People in-between Jobs
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Legal Practitioners
  • Finance Professionals
  • and more.....
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The Enterpreneurs, Tech & Creatives Community is aimed at promoting prospective entrepreneurs with business ideas. technology enthusiasts at different levels, group of start-up business founders with a goal of scaling up and many more.

  • Business Ideas Hub
  • Entrepreneurs Accountability Group
  • Business Men's Fellowship
  • Digital Technology Group
  • and more.....
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The Governance Community is for people who are interested in or actively involved in politics, a network of middle to senior civil/public servants across all levels of government, ministries, departments and agencies.

  • People In Government (Senior Civil /Public Servants)
  • Politics 101
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The Students & Scholars Community is aimed at promoting peer mentoring, career guidance, development of necessary skills for workplace, planning the future and many more

  • Fresh Graduates
  • Scholars
  • Postgraduate Study Group
  • Prolonged Postgraduate Study
  • and more.....
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